Oil Storage & Tank Terminals

The current important trend in the oil and gas storage market is that as a result of increased logistics activity in the oil and gas sector due to increasing international and domestic trades, the demand for oil and gas storage capacity is witnessing a rise at the major global supply hubs*.

Oil & Gas Storage Market Services
Tank farms play an important role in the logistics of crude oil and natural gas nowadays. Oil & gas storage service providers hold crude oil, both unrefined and refined products including gas oil, gasoline, aviation fuel, naphtha, diesel, kerosene, liquefied natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas. From these storage terminals products are usually transported to end users or further storage facilities. At Western Energy we are glad to be able to provide a wide product portfolio that allows us to participate in the chain of crude oil and its by-products storage and transportation. Our pumps are able to perform even for the most viscous (up to 35.000 cST), shear sensitive media and low NPSH applications.

Singapore Oil Storage Supply
Singapore’s strategic location between the Indian and Pacific Oceans has allowed it to become one of Asia’s major petrochemical and refining hubs. The government maintains strategic petroleum reserves of about 32 million barrels of crude oil and 65 million barrels of refined petroleum products. With country’s largest oil storage facilities located at Jurong Island, Western Energy’s input to the industry was not missed either. We are proud to have our rotating equipment ensuring successful and uninterrupted service at Stolthaven and Vopak Terminals.

* http://www.marketwatch.com/story/analyzing-the-global-oil-gas-storage-industry-2014-10-02

Cargo Transfer Pump

Benefits:  Ideally  suitable for viscous liquids. Self-priming, this type of pump with single, two or three pairs of screws is suitable for transferring fluids with low, medium, high and very high viscosity, up to 35000 cST and flowrate up to 3000 m3/hr. High Suction Lift Capabilities (7 to 8,5 m). Well suited for liquids sensitive to shear forces and turbulences thanks to the low internal velocities given by the screw movements.


Crude Oil Transfer Pump

Benefits: Designed to aid in liquid terminal operations, our pumps are designed to improve operational efficiencies for viscous fluid transfers, significantly reduce maintenance costs by providing highly reliable and easy to maintain pumps. And the pump designs are power efficient, ensuring our clients save on energy, save on costs.


Fuel Oil Transfer Pump

Benefits: this pump is particularly suitable for transfer and circulating services of oils, naphtha, diesel and other fluids having lubricating characteristics. Compare to the more traditional Positive Displacement Pumps, this type has an advantage of absolutely no impulses and better delivery repetition


Tank Farm Transfer Pump

Benefits: A sealless pump is best applied when leakage cannot be tolerated; these pumps present absolutely no risk of emissions or leaks, which can harm productivity, employees and the environment. For applications involving high temperatures, high pressures and volatile substances, our range of sealless magnetic drive pumps are the clear choice.


Heavy Oil Transfer Pump

Benefits: High pressure applications API 674 Pumps with availability of full scope supply inclusive of all requested auxiliaries, including PLC, VSD, Instrumentation and Monitoring. Solution based package design.  Units can be modified easily where adoptions are required, due to the flexible features of our product ranges,.


Fire Fighting

Benefits: Custom design fire pump packages to requirements of NFPA 20 standards and to your design specifications. We offer a broad range of horizontal and vertical split case, vertical in-line, end suction and vertical turbine designs over a wide range of rated capacities and pressures; pumps for every fire pump application