Reliable Performance, Low Operating Costs

The centrifugal pump is the most commonly pump type in the world.

Western Energy’s range of centrifugal pumps are available in horizontal and vertical configurations, single stage or multi-stages, overhung and between bearing arrangements, as well as single suction and double suction types.

The pumps can transfer fluids with high efficiency over a wide range of flows and pressures and complies with ISO, ANSI and API 610 standards.

The following pump types are the various types of centrifugal pumps we have available:

  • Radial flow pumps
  • Side channel pumps
  • Peripheral Regenerative Turbine Impeller pumps
  • Axial flow pumps


Western Energy is able to design and deliver bespoke, fully integrated pump packages. Every pump is individually matched to our clients’ specific application and operation environment. Furthermore, testing of pumps are rigorous and can be witnessed by customers and third party inspectors.