Efficient, Reliable Performance

Western Energy supplies vertical centrifugal pumps – vertical sump pump and vertical submersible pump.

The configuration of these vertical pumps is such that the pumping head is suspended in the pumped liquids and the drive motor is installed dry at the top. The pump construction includes a separate discharge pipe and a support pipe column. The vertical sump pumps and submersible pumps have a vertical line shaft with slide bearings or cantilever design without slide bearings.

Western Energy is able to design and deliver bespoke, fully integrated pump packages. Every pump is individually matched to our clients’ specific application and operation environment. Furthermore, testing of pumps are rigorous and can be witnessed by customers and third party inspectors.

Working with Western Energy, we are able to support you with:

  • Pumps – Standard and highly customised pump units designed and supplied as bare shaft units
  • Project Package Solutions – Solution based packaged assemblies inclusive of an extensive range of options and auxiliaries
  • Aftersales Support – Component spares, maintenance and overhaul kits and complete package module kits
  • Technical Support – By phone, email or in person site visit