Positive Displacement Pumps

  • Reciprocating Plunger Pumps

    High pressure applications API 674 Pumps with availability of full scope supply inclusive of all requested auxiliaries, including PLC, VSD, Instrumentation and Monitoring. Solution based package design.  Our Reciprocating Plunger Pumps have an almost infinite variation of build options that stem from over 35 years of experience constructing special purpose pumps and pump units. All sub-assemblies can be easily accessed or removed completely for servicing or replacement.

  • Screw Pumps

    Self-priming, this type of pump with single, two or three pairs of screws is suitable for transferring fluids with low, medium, high and very high viscosity, up to 35000 cST and flowrate up to 3000 m3/hr. High Suction Lift Capabilities (7 to 8,5 m). Well suited for liquids sensitive to shear forces and turbulence thanks to the low internal velocities given by the screw movements.

  • Gear Pumps

    Compare to the more traditional Positive Displacement Pumps, this type has an advantage of absolutely no impulses and better delivery repetition.  Can be considered ideal batching pumps where the flow rate is directly proportional to the number of revolutions. Capability to handle a wide range of viscosities, less sensitive to cavitation, simple to maintain and to service would be main advantages of these pumps. Western Energy is able to offer gear pumps for temperatures up to 300 °C and flow rate from 0.6 to 5000L/hr.

  • Air Diaphragm Pumps

    Our air operated double-diaphragm pumps are developed for the smooth transfer of abrasive, solids-containing and viscous media.  These pumps have a simple, portable construction and has the ability to dry prime and handle solids. They are manufactured in a variety of materials ranging from Stainless Steel to Polypropylene. The units are manufactured in five different sizes, with the connections DN 15 - DN 80. All pumps are delivered ready for operation and only have to be connected to the main air supply system.


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