The statistic shows the development of global refinery capacity for crude oil from the year 1970 to 2014, measured in thousand barrels per day. In 1990, the world’s oil refinery capacity was around 74 million barrels per day and nowadays this figure has been risen to daily production of 96,51 million barrel*.

Raw or unprocessed crude oil is not generally useful in industrial applications. It is then separated into fractions by fractional distillation to get lighter and more useful products. The refinery processes the crude oil and converts it in by-products such as petroleum naphtha, gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt base, heating oil, paraffin, kerosene, LPG and many others for their energy or chemical content. Latest pumping technologies and solutions provided by Western Energy are able to cover entirely the versatile range of petroleum refinery applications. From simply crude oil or by-products transfer to high pressure ranges, low NPSH or toxic liquids applications handling. Designed according to American Petroleum Institute standards, our rotating equipment meets the most stringent Oil & Gas Industry reliability and safety requirements. Even when it comes to most complex tasks, Western Energy offers complete range of customised engineering services from designing units and systems to providing support throughout the entire processing and commissioning . We are proud to have on our account pumps successfully installed and running at Exxon Mobil, Singapore Refining Company, Shell Pulau Bukom and many more others.
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Diesel Oil Transfer Pump

Benefits:  Self-priming, this type of pump with single, two or three pairs of screws is suitable for transferring fluids with low, medium, high and very high viscosity, up to 35000 cST and flowrate up to 3000 m3/hr. High Suction Lift Capabilities (7 to 8,5 m). Well suited for liquids sensitive to shear forces and turbulences thanks to the low internal velocities given by the screw movements.


Boiler Feed Pump

Benefits: The ability to withstand high system pressures, perform in low NPSH conditions and transfering fluids at high temperatures without damaging the shaft seal are characteristics of our Between Bearing Pumps. Our product range is able to cater for applications that include the treatment of feed water, the pumping of condensate and boiler feed.


Bio-Diesel Transfer Pump

Benefits: Particularly robust, the pump finds its best application in all fields where versatility, reliability, and safety are required. Compare to the more traditional Positive Displacement Pumps, this type has an advantage of absolutely no impulses and better delivery repetition.  Can be considered ideal batching pumps where the flow rate is directly proportional to the number of revolutions.


Hydrocarbon Transfer Pump

Benefits: A sealless pump is best applied when leakage cannot be tolerated; these pumps present absolutely no risk of emissions or leaks, which can harm productivity, employees and the environment. For applications involving high temperatures, high pressures and volatile substances, our range of sealless magnetic drive pumps are the clear choice.


Hydro Cracking Pump

Benefits: High pressure applications API 674 Pumps with availability of full scope supply inclusive of all requested auxiliaries, including PLC, VSD, Instrumentation and Monitoring. Solution based package design. All sub-assemblies can be easily accessed ore removed completely for servicing or replacement.


ARC Valve

Benefits: Valves automatically protect centrifugal pumps against wear, total loss and damage, which can occur due to dry running or during low-load operation. They are not susceptible to interference and are very low maintenance. In addition, they require no additional power supply or any kind of control unit, thus ensuring low operating costs.


Fire Fighting

Benefits: Custom design fire pump packages to requirements of NFPA 20 standards and to your design specifications. We offer a broad range of horizontal and vertical split case, vertical in-line, end suction and vertical turbine designs over a wide range of rated capacities and pressures; pumps for every fire pump application