Offshore Platform

The latest statistic depicts the number of offshore rigs installations worldwide equal to 1470. As of this point, there were 213 in the Gulf of Mexico, 184 in the North Sea and 170 in South East Asia, closing the top three leading regions*.

Host Facilities
In offshore production, oil and gas are extracted from the wells and brought to the surface to a host facility above the ocean surface. The type of facility depends on the location, water depth, climate and the facility’s size and capabilities. Environmental, safety, stakeholder and financial issues are also considered when selecting among the options.
The Offshore Platform extracts and processes the Oil and Gas coming from the Subsea Wellheads. The Oil is temporarily stored in the platform and then transferred to the Shore through a Subsea Pipeline or a Shuttle Tanker.

The Harshest Environments
The major challenge of supplying equipment to offshore Oil & Gas projects is its most demanding scenarios for reliability, specifications stringency and ultimate safety. Besides, diverse applications and fluid handling require unique pumping technology solutions and equipment customization for each and single project execution.
Through 25 years of Western Energy’s experience in the field, both offshore and onshore, we can say with absolute confidence that our rotating equipment is tested to stand the test of time. Large number of firewater pumps, reciprocating and centrifugal pumps have been supplied to platforms worldwide and among them Marathon Oil Kakap Platforms, Donghae Gas Field Development, Unocal Banglasdesh Offshore Platform, Chevron Thailand Platong Gas II, just to name a few


Flare Knockout Drum Pump

Benefits:  Ideally  suitable for viscous liquids. Self-priming, this type of pump with single, two or three pairs of screws is suitable for transferring fluids with low, medium, high and very high viscosity, up to 35000 cST and flowrate up to 3000 m3/hr. High Suction Lift Capabilities (7 to 8,5 m). Well suited for liquids sensitive to shear forces and turbulences thanks to the low internal velocities given by the screw movements.


Crude Oil Transfer Pump

Benefits: Designed to aid in liquid terminal operations, our pumps are designed to improve operational efficiencies for viscous fluid transfers, significantly reduce maintenance costs by providing highly reliable and easy to maintain pumps. And the pump designs are power efficient, ensuring our clients save on energy, save on costs.


Waste Oil Transfer Pump

Benefits: Particularly robust, the pump finds its best application in all fields where versatility, reliability, and safety are required. Compare to the more traditional Positive Displacement Pumps, this type has an advantage of absolutely no impulses and better delivery repetition.  Can be considered ideal batching pumps where the flow rate is directly proportional to the number of revolutions.


Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump

Benefits: A sealless pump is best applied when leakage cannot be tolerated; these pumps present absolutely no risk of emissions or leaks, which can harm productivity, employees and the environment. For applications involving high temperatures, high pressures and volatile substances, our range of sealless magnetic drive pumps are the clear choice.


Sea Water Lift Pump

Benefits: Vertical Turbine pumps are available in a wide variety of hydraulic and mechanical coverage and materials of construction to suit application requirements. Our range of custom-engineered constructed pumps are rigidly designed to ensure vibration free operation. Hydraulic designs are continually updated with our continuous R&D efforts to meet requirements of higher efficiency, lower submergence and reliability. Vertical Turbine pumps in API 610 standards are also available.


Pulsation Dampers

Benefits:  Pulsation damper ensures a smooth and continuous fluid flow as well as pump metering accuracy. Prevent vibrations, eliminate or minimize pulsation and reduce the load on the pump itself. Widest range of damper models available with volumes from 0,04 to 50L, in different types


Methanol Injection Pump

Benefits: High pressure applications API 674 Pumps with availability of full scope supply inclusive of all requested auxiliaries, including PLC, VSD, Instrumentation and Monitoring. Solution based package design.  Units can be modified easily where adoptions are required, due to the flexible features of our product ranges,.


Fire Fighting

Benefits: Custom design fire pump packages to requirements of NFPA 20 standards and to your design specifications. We offer a broad range of horizontal and vertical split case, vertical in-line, end suction and vertical turbine designs over a wide range of rated capacities and pressures; pumps for every fire pump application