Western Energy’s subsidiary company in Malaysia, WE Energy Sdn Bhd, is honoured to have been given a Petronas License approval, after a successful vendor registration. WE Energy was established in the Iskandar area in April 2013 and specialises in pumping packaged solutions, supplying skid packages, equipped with the necessary accessories, together with centrifugal pumps, reciprocating pumps, fire water pumps and compressors

Having granted license from PETRONAS will allow WE Energy Sdn Bhd to supply goods/services to the upstream sector in the oil and gas industry in Malaysia and the downstream stream of PETRONAS Group of Companies, including maritime activities.

In addition to having a license to supply rotating equipment and repair services, WE Energy was also awarded a manufacturing licence to produce centrifugal pumps, with pressures of up to 100 bar and up to 1000m3/hr. This ensures our clients are given a better production lead time and meet the region growing demands for pumps.

Western Energy Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Vincent Teo commented, ‘We are very excited as we are in the progress of establishing deeper in roads within Malaysia. Our aim is to provide customers with even better localized support and services from our many years of knowledge and experience. We will continue to invest valuable resources in this set up as we believe that the country holds positive long term prospects for the company.

Malaysia will become a centre of Excellence for WE business.’